Blink Mini Camera: Best Choice For Indoor Security

Blink Mini Camera: Best Choice For Indoor Security

Are you always concerned about the security of your indoor spaces? The Blink Mini Camera provides a simple yet effective solution. With its impressive capabilities and small size, this camera is ideal for monitoring your home, company, or office. Receive sighting notifications, watch live video on your smartphone, and rest easy knowing you’re protected. The Blink Mini is an excellent solution for consumers seeking dependable, hassle-free care because of its inexpensive cost and ease of installation. The Blink Mini Camera will let you relax and save for a secure future.

Specifications of Blink Mini Camera

Resolution 1080p HD
Frame Rate Frame rates can reach 30 per second
Field of View 110° diagonal
Night Vision Infrared HD
Size 2 inches by 1.9 inches by 1.4 inches (50 mm by 49 mm by 36 mm)
Weight 1.7 ounces
Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz 802.11g/n
Features Green/Red LED, reset button, speaker, Night Vision LED, motion detection, two-way audio
Photo Resolution 640 x 360
Focus Range Fixed focus (3′ to infinity)
Video Codec H.264
Power 5 volt/1 Ampere USB-Micro connector
Temperature of Operation (0° to 35°C) to 32° to 95°F
Microphone and Speaker Built-in
Battery Life
Two years if default settings are used.
Type and Size of Batteries 2 AA 1.5 volt Lithium non-rechargeable batteries
Price $29.99

Key Features:

Key Features of Blink Mini Camera
Key Features of Blink Mini Camera

Key Features of Blink Mini Camera:

  • High-Definition Video Resolution: Watch videos in crisp 1080p HD quality, guaranteeing that every detail is recorded accurately.
  • Benefit: Take use of crisp, clear footage that makes it simple to recognize people and items inside your home.
  • Motion Detection Alerts: Stay informed about every activity in your home or office by receiving fast updates on your smartphone whenever motion is detected. Benefit: Remain vigilant and connected to identify possible threats or interruptions before they happen.
  • Infrared Night Vision: The Blink Mini Camera’s infrared HD night vision enables you to keep an eye on your room even at night or in poor light.

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Accessories Along with Blink Mini Camera

  • They are mounting four outdoor floodlights.
  • An expansion pack with four batteries for outdoor use.
  • Power sources for outdoor use.
  • Tilt/pan the mount.
  • Bracket for floodlights.
  • Mount for solar panels.
  • Silicone covering for cameras.
  • Mounts for cameras

Instructions For Setup

Here are some steps for setting up a Blink Mini camera:
  • Tap the plus symbol in the upper right corner of the Blink app after opening it.
  • Click Add Device, then choose Mini Cameras. Scan the QR code that is on the back of the camera.
  • Select whether to build a new system or add the camera to an already existing one.
  • Attach the camera.
  • Hold on until the camera’s lights illuminate \’s face.
  • Choose the name of the Wi-Fi network.
  • The camera establishes connections with the Blink servers and the network.


  • Design: Small, light, and understated 1080p HD Video resolution with infrared night vision is the video quality.
  • Audio: Two-way audio that nearly equals face-to-face conversation
  • App: Easy-to-use software with a ton of customization choices
  • Installation: Simple plug-in setup that allows for customization of the stand
  • Feature: Activity zones, configurable motion detection, and integration with Google Assistant and Alexa. 110 degrees of field of vision is sufficient to see most rooms.
  • Weather Resistance: Weather resistance for outdoor use.
  • Cost: Affordable option.
  • Long Battery Life (up to two years): Use the battery for longer periods between replacements.
  • Wi-Fi (2.4GHz 802.11g/n) Connectivity: For remote monitoring, easily connect to your home network.


  • Storage: Free cloud storage is no longer available to new accounts, and the Blink Mini lacks local storage.
  • Functions: Person detection and facial recognition are examples of intelligent functions that are absent from the Blink Mini.
  • Night Vision: The Blink Mini’s night vision is not very good.
  • Speaker: Up close, the speaker is most effective.
  • Subscription: A cloud storage subscription is needed for the Blink Mini.
  • Hub: To observe motion events on the Blink Mini, a hub (not included) or subscription is needed.
  • Support: Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit are not supported by the Blink Mini. Not meant for outdoor use or extremely cold weather.
  • Fixed Focus Range: 3 inches to infinity; this may not give the best clarity when taking close-up pictures.
  • Single video codec (H.264): Some platforms or devices might not be compatible.

Best Buying Guide

Blink Mini Camera
Blink Mini Camera

Blink Mini Camera is The Best Choice For:

The Blink Mini Camera is the best choice for individuals who:

  • Beneficial Simplicity: Suitable for individuals who desire a plug-and-play configuration devoid of intricate installation procedures.
  • Seek Affordability: Individuals seeking an affordable indoor security system that doesn’t sacrifice functionality.
  • Want For Remote Monitoring: Individuals who would like to use a tablet or smartphone to remotely monitor their interior spaces.
  • Motion Detection Necessary: People who like being notified right away when there is movement in the regions they have set up to be watched.
  • Those who are seeking a discrete, little camera that fits in well with their surroundings prefer tiny designs.
  • Worth Two-Way Communication: Those who wish to use the two-way audio feature of the camera to speak with those in the monitored area in real-time. People who choose cameras with longer battery lives to lessen the need for

Blink Mini Camera is Not The Best Choice For:

The Blink Mini Camera may not be the best choice for individuals who:

  • Security Camera: Those who require outdoor surveillance as the Blink Mini is only intended for indoor usage should purchase a security camera made expressly for outdoor use.
  • Seek For High Photo Resolution: Since the Blink Mini provides a lower photo resolution than video resolution, those who prioritize taking high-resolution still images should look for this.
  • Need Changeable Focus: Since the Blink Mini has a fixed focus range, anyone who wants to shoot close-ups with the best clarity will need a camera with adjustable focus settings.
  • Desire For Temperature Flexibility: Individuals who need a camera that can function in a larger temperature range because the Blink Mini has a limited functioning temperature range, or who live in areas with extreme temperatures.
  • Need Multiple Video Codecs: Those that have to work with different video codecs.
  • Prefer Wider Field of Vision: People who need a security camera to cover more ground than the Blink Mini can, since some consumers may not find its field of vision to be adequate.

It is worth Individuals who would rather use rechargeable batteries instead of non-rechargeable ones because the Blink Mini runs on non-rechargeable AA batteries.

How is it Worth Your Cost?

Blink Mini Camera
Blink Mini Camera

The Blink Mini camera offers exceptional value for its cost, making it a smart investment for those looking for reliable indoor security without breaking the bank Despite its high price, the Blink Mini does not destroy contents. It features high-definition resolution, motion detection, two-way audio, and infrared night vision to ensure proper coverage and performance. Its plug-and-play design and user-friendly interface simplify installation, allowing users of varying technical backgrounds.

Remote monitoring capabilities via the Blink app allow users to access live footage from anywhere via an internet connection, providing peace of mind and flexibility. Additionally, Blink Mini’s long battery life reduces ongoing maintenance costs by up to two years, while its integration with Amazon Alexa provides convenience and versatility that supports Blink’s brand reliability and durability, Blink Mini Camera offers incredible performance and value, making it a worthwhile investment to upgrade the home security build.

What are Things to Keep in Mind or Consider While Purchasing

Consider the following points when purchasing a Blink Mini Camera or any indoor security camera:

  • Compatibility with networks and devices currently in use.
  • Video resolution and quality.
  • Viewing angle for the covered region.
  • The ability to see in the dark for monitoring purposes.
  • Alerts with motion-detecting capability.
  • The ability to communicate via audio in both directions.
  • Simple setup and installation.
  • Options for power sources: wired, plug-in, and battery-powered.
  • Value proposition and total cost.

What are Things to Check While Purchasing Blink Mini Camera

When purchasing a Blink Mini Camera, here are key things to check:

  • Make sure that the device is compatible with both your Wi-Fi network and smartphone.
  • Video Quality: To ensure crisp video, check the 1080p HD resolution.
  • Field of View: Verify the 110° diagonal field of view of the camera.
  • Night Vision: Make sure it has high-definition infrared night vision so you can monitor it in poor light.
  • Motion Detection: Verify the alert system’s motion detection feature.
  • Two-Way Audio: Verify that communication via two-way audio is supported.
  • Installation: Give the setup and installation process a rating of ease.
  • Check to see if this is the power source. runs on batteries or needs to be connected via wire.
  • Cost: Evaluate the total value for your demands while comparing pricing.
  • Reviews: Examine customer feedback to gauge dependability and performance.

Pro Tips:

Here are some pro tips for using the Blink Mini Camera effectively:

  • The best location for the camera is to install it strategically to cover access points and heavy traffic areas to get the most coverage.
  • Modify Motion Sensitivity: Modify the motion sensitivity parameters to ensure precise detection of important activities and reduce false alarms.
  • Customize Activity Zones: Utilize Activity Zones to decrease superfluous alerts, preserve storage space, and concentrate monitoring on particular areas of interest.
  • Frequent Maintenance: To guarantee crisp and continuous recordings, keep the lens clean and clear of debris.
  • Schedule Checks: To guarantee dependable performance, periodically verify the connectivity and functionality of the cameras.
  • Update your firmware to take advantage of new features and enhancements for enhanced security and functionality.
  • Encrypt Network: To stop unwanted access to camera feeds, encrypt your Wi-Fi network with a strong password.
  • Utilize privacy settings to your advantage.

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For those looking for an affordable and dependable inside security option, the Blink Mini Camera delivers. It provides extensive monitoring capabilities with its high-resolution resolution, broad field of vision, and sophisticated features like motion detection and two-way audio. Its lengthy battery life, small size, and simple installation add to its attractiveness and suitability for a variety of users. Through consideration of several parameters like positioning, video quality, and compatibility, customers can optimize the performance of their Blink Mini camera. For those seeking enhanced protection for their inside areas, the Blink Mini Camera is a dependable alternative, offering frequent updates, integration possibilities, and expert usage and maintenance advice.

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